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Cellular plate

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Honeycomb aluminum panel is a series of metal composite panel products developed by combining composite honeycomb panel technology in aviation industry. The product adopts "honeycomb sandwich" structure, that is, the high strength alloy aluminum plate coated with decorative coating with excellent weather resistance as the surface, bottom plate and aluminum honeycomb core through high temperature and high pressure composite made of composite plate. This product series has the advantages of excellent material selection, advanced technology and reasonable structure, not only in large scale, flatness has excellent performance, but also in shape, surface treatment, color, installation system and so on. peculiarity
1. Large plate surface, high and smooth

Without any reinforcement measures, the surface size of the honeycomb aluminum plate can reach 1500*5000mm, and can maintain excellent flatness.

2. Light weight

The weight of the honeycomb aluminum plate is only 5-5.5KG/ square meter, which greatly reduces the load-bearing load of the building.

3, high strength

It can withstand high strength pressure and shear force, and is not easy to deformation, which can meet the requirements of wind pressure resistance of super high-rise buildings.

4, customer customization

Honeycomb aluminum panels can be customized according to customer needs in terms of size, shape, finish and color.

5, easy to install

It can be installed in any order, and each wall panel can be removed and replaced separately, improving the flexibility of installation and maintenance and reducing costs.

6. Box structure

Honeycomb aluminum plate is a box structure wrapped around the edges, with good tightness, improve the safety and service life of honeycomb aluminum plate.

7. Multi-purpose

Suitable for building curtain wall, pillar, eaves, roof and outdoor ceiling.
Cellular plate
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